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Carrier Grade KYC tools.


Carrier Grade Tools

We believe carriers need to do more than block calls to fight telecom fraud. More can be done so carriers can take end-to-end accountability and be part of the solution.

Customer Level PSA's

This is not just to protect networks and revenues, but also to protect consumers from fraud, and to protect the integrity of brands that consumers have come to trust and love. 

Next Generation 404!

Know Your Clients and Calls!

Our mission is to protect against of  Telecom threats by using proprietary technology solutions and forging partnerships with leading industry players and organizations. KYC is more than just a credit application.

Proactive Approach to complex problem

ILLICT Call management

Cost Effective mitigation

Trusted Ticketing

How VoiceAlerts Supports Carriers

VoiceAlerts.com provides a consortium-based approach for carriers, focusing on enhancing KYC compliance and managing phone number inventories to ensure regulatory adherence and maximize call monetization. Our solutions surpass traditional call blocking by covering the entire scope of call flow management and fraud mitigation. With our comprehensive tele-security measures, carriers can proactively safeguard their networks and subscribers, increasing trust and reducing risks associated with illicit calls. We deliver end-to-end solutions that secure operations, benefiting not only carriers but also their downstream partners and subscribers, thereby advancing fraud management practices.

VoiceAlerts for Enterprise!

Voice Alerts specializes in detecting fraudulent campaigns that impersonate legitimate brands, a problem often under-reported yet significantly damaging to brand reputation and finances. Our reporting tools offer detailed insights into the entities targeting your brand and the specific customers affected. In an era where brand integrity is crucial and telecom fraud remains profitable for perpetrators, the negative effects on your brand can be profound and enduring. We are dedicated to helping brands tackle this challenge, enhancing your reputation by demonstrating proactive measures in fraud prevention to your customers.

VoiceAlerts for Consumers!

How our solutions Protect You from Telecom Fraud Have you been affected by telecom fraud? You’re not alone. Millions of incidents go unreported because victims are either unsure how to proceed or feel embarrassed. This silence often emboldens fraudsters. We encourage you to fight back—report your incident as a first step. To further safeguard yourself, education is key. We offer real-time incoming call alerts to help you recognize and prevent telecom fraud. Additionally, we are implementing the Next Generation 404 PSA, alerting callers who are being targeted. This initiative aims to enhance your security and restore trust in our telecommunications networks.

Proactive Approach to complex problem

Monitoring millions of calls per day across 4K+ carrier nodes is the first step in developing intelligence on the source of the illicit activity.

Educating all players in the supply chain and collaborating across networks and platforms to stop this illicit activity! We go beyond just blocking, we are educating the Victims in real-time.

The law is on our side – when it comes to consumer protection regulations and legal options. Legal teams work with VoiceAlerts to ensure their clients remain compliant at all times.